Winter 2020/21, goodbye, and close the door on your way out; don’t call us, we’ll call you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch – rather, back at our Finishing Hall – malts are incubating (incaskating?) and we are putting a Ryan finisher’s touch to our next releases.

OK, we get it; some of you are new to whiskey, or if not new to uisce beatha, at least new to Single Malt Irish (the bee’s knees of whiskey), and you’d like to dip your taste buds before taking the plunge on a full bottle. Fully understandable; fine whiskey costs that little bit more. We figured a properly wrapped three-pack (or rapped 3-pac) of The Generation Trilogy might meet many a need. That’s right, three 50ml miniatures – one each of Toomevara, Haddington and Finisher’s Touch – are coming soon. Don’t mention it; you’re entirely welcome. Watch this space